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SU Art Appreciation

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Chrisitan Art-Gothic & Renaissance
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On this page I have made a list of links to other web sites that will give you an added layer of learning associated with each lecture.  Make sure you read the sites appropriate for each lecture--they will reinforce what I talk about in class.  They are a valuable tool to help you study each section.

Prehistoric Art I

Lascaux Cave Tourist Site--click on Learn & then go and explore

Venus Figures Info


Aegean: Minoan, Cylcadic, & Mycenaean

Egyptian 1

Egyptian Museum Offical Site--go explore a bit!

British Museum's Site-check out gods and goddesses, mummification, daily life and other facets of this art historical era

Greek Art Overview I

Lost Wax Technique Explanation and Visuals

The Greek Orders: Doric, Ionic, Corinthian...Column Visuals

See how greek vases are made (videos and info) with the Getty Museum.

Info on the Peplos Kore

Roman Art, Brief Overview

Rome, art and architecture info

One theory of the Villa of Mysteries, Pompeii

Icon Painting (slide show and info)

Christian Art I

Byzantine Art

Islamic Art

Gothic Painting Explanation

Gothic Art Info

Medieval Manuscript Info