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SU Art Appreciation

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Summer Term 2004:
Here on this site you will find the extra assigned readings as well as guides and links to help you learn more about each lecture.  Handouts will also be posted for your convenience.  Also, a study guide page for each test will be posted for you to review.
Links to contact me are also provided.
I am here to guide you through the vast and wonderful world of art and I wish you all a successful term here in the art department!!  Feel free to contact me if anything is needed.
cookie davis


(art), n.  1.  the quality, production, expression, or realm f what is beautiful.  2.  objects belonging to this realm, as paintings, etc.  3.  a field, genre, or category of this realm.  4.  illustrative or decorative material.  5.  the priciples governing any craft, skill or branch of learning.  6.  a branch of study, esp. one fo the fine arts or the humanities.  7.  arts.  See liberal arts.  8.  skilled workmanship or execution.  9.  an artful device.


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